User Experience consultancy.

Seek and Hit

Seek and Hit is a small Internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising and SEO consultancy company. We were hired to re-design their existing web site and to deliver a custom WordPress theme.

The client already had a clear understanding of their business objectives and use cases. As a result the web site was divided into two main parts to cater for each of the major visitor groups: prospective clients interested in the company’s services and peers from the field interested in industry related news and opinions.

Easy to use, yet attractive project inquiry form

“— I used to spend a lot of time illustrating internet ads placements to clients over the phone, but you just nailed it.”; Mario Frančešević, CEO, Seek and Hit

What a bloody professional! — Marko is something like a swiss knife in the world of Web/UI design.

Mario Frančešević, CEO,
Seek and Hit

Release date: 07/2010

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