Creative Nights

Creative Nights is a User Experience Design & Technology Consultancy

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in planning, designing, and building high-performance websites, web applications, and digital solutions.

List of Clients

  • Building Social LLC New York, NY, USA
  • REWE Markt GmbH Cologne, Germany
  • MacEwan University Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • SGS S.A. Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alliance Partners HSP LLC Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
  • 201 North Franklin Tampa LLC Tampa, FL, USA
  • Font Bureau Inc. Boston, MA, USA
  • Deutsche Telekom AG Bonn, Germany
  • PayPro Global Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Development Agency Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia
  • Krop LLC Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • QBN LLC Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • AvoLead LLC Durham, NC, USA
  • Croatian Telekom ex T-Com + T-Mobile Croatia
  • Croatian Designers Society Zagreb, Croatia
  • Njuškalo d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia
  • Podravka d.d. Koprivnica, Croatia
  • 2ML Pharmacare Craigavon, N. Ireland
  • Zagreb County Pharmacies Velika Gorica, Croatia
  • Seek / Social Brando Split, Croatia
  • The Mother and Child Health and Education Hong Kong, China


We design and build usable and engaging websites, web applications, mobile applications, business applications, digital products, and augmentative experiences. Our solutions deliver measurable results, satisfying organizational objectives and users’ needs.

  1. Usability Evaluations
  2. User Research
  3. User Experience Design
  4. Information Architecture (for humans and AI)
  5. User Interface Design
  6. Web Typography
  7. Responsive Web Design
  8. UX Training and Coaching

Our Process

We are experts in facilitating design process by utilizing methodologies and tools tailored to the project needs, including multi-modal user research and business analysis, design sprints, design thinking, double diamond, tripple-I, 5D, and more.

  1. Learn about your challenges.
    Through collaborative discovery process, we learn about your organization, audience, and industry, and the challenges you face.
  2. Understand your audience.
    In discovering your audience’s needs and habits, we identify new opportunities for your organization making sure information, content, and interaction are inclusive, usable, and useful.
  3. Focus on key priorities.
    We devise digital strategies and solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your organization and audience, rather than push pre-packaged solutions that will simply ruin your business case.
  4. Explore multiple ideas.
    Rather than say “Yes” to the very first idea, we collaboratively ideate, design, prototype, refine, and test multiple ideas via rapid sprints, working closely together with stakeholders and end-users.
  5. Implement for speed and accessibility.
    We make websites and applications that are blazingly fast and accessible to your international cross-channel audiences, leading to increased user fulfillment, pageviews, conversion rates and commercial results.
  6. Build up capabilities.
    We embed ourselves within your organization, helping to train and mentor your team(s), building up their skills and capabilities, so you’re able to become fully sustainable in the mid to long term.


Creative Nights was founded in 2009 by a Croatian award-winning interaction designer Marko Dugonjić. Creative Nights has had offices in the United Kingdom since 2015 and in California since 2023.

Our collective experience includes delivering design and technology solutions for enterprises and organizations such as Deutsche Telekom, MacEwan University, PayPro Global, QBN, REWE Markt, Seek and Hit, SGS Société Générale de Surveillance, SMUD, Vodafone, and multiple government departments and offices in the State of California — CCCCO, CAL FIRE, CalPERS, CEC, CNRA, CPUC, DFPI, DGS, OPR, and more.