Who we are?

Founded in 2009, colleagues since 2004. We are a passionate and close-knit team who specialize in user experience design, typography and web standards. Our collective experience spans some 45 years working with established worldwide brands such as Deutsche Telekom, Nissan, SGS and Vodafone.

Worldwide Clients

  • Building Social LLC New York, NY, USA
  • REWE Markt GmbH Cologne, Germany
  • MacEwan University Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • SGS S.A. Geneva, Switzerland
  • Alliance Partners HSP LLC Bryn Mawr, PA, USA
  • 201 North Franklin Tampa LLC Tampa, FL, USA
  • Font Bureau Inc. Boston, MA, USA
  • Deutsche Telekom AG Bonn, Germany
  • PayPro Global Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Development Agency Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia
  • Krop LLC Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • QBN LLC Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • AvoLead LLC Durham, NC, USA
  • Croatian Telekom ex T-Com + T-Mobile Croatia
  • Croatian Designers Society Zagreb, Croatia
  • Njuškalo d.o.o. Zagreb, Croatia
  • Podravka d.d. Koprivnica, Croatia
  • 2ML Pharmacare Craigavon, N. Ireland
  • Zagreb County Pharmacies Velika Gorica, Croatia
  • Seek / Social Brando Split, Croatia
  • The Mother and Child Health and Education Hong Kong, China

What we do?

We design and build usable and engaging websites, web applications, digital products and experiences. Our solutions deliver measurable results, satisfying business objectives and users’ needs — successfully converting acquired visitors into loyal customers.

Our services

  • Usability Evaluations
  • User Research
  • User Experience Design
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface Design
  • Web Typography
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UX Training and Coaching

What you get?

  • A fresh perspective on projects, products and/or services as well as design challenges faced by you and your team(s).
  • Strategic (what to do) and tactical (how to do it) reports in PDF format.
  • A responsive design system, developed with progressive HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ready for implementation in your existing digital system.
  • Real results that will make a difference to your business.

How we do it?

  1. Learn about your challenges.
    Through collaborative discussions and research we learn about your business and industry, and the challenges you face. The outcome, measurable goals and key objectives in support of your digital strategy.
  2. Understand your customers.
    In discovering your customers’ needs and habits, we identify new opportunities for your business making sure information and content is accessible, and tasks are meaningful yet simple to accomplish.
  3. Focus on your priorities.
    We devise digital strategies and solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business and customers, rather than push pre-packaged solutions that will simply ruin your business case.
  4. Explore multiple ideas.
    Rather than say “Yes” to the very first idea, we collaboratively ideate, design, prototype, refine, and test multiple ideas via rapid sprints, working closely together with you and your customers.
  5. Optimize for speed and accessibility.
    We make websites and applications that are blazingly fast and accessible to your international cross-channel audiences, leading to increased user fulfillment, pageviews, conversion rates and commercial results.
  6. Build up capabilities.
    We embed ourselves within your organization, helping to train and mentor your team(s), building up their skills and capabilities, so you're able to become fully sustainable in the mid to long term.

Our results

Corporate projects

  • SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance)
    A Multinational Service Company
    Corporate responsive website (WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant) delivered in 60 days and now 20% faster in comparison to competitor sites. Reduced initial page loads by 98% having implemented a bespoke navigation solution to handle SGS’s 12,000 page items with full page loads now completing in under 0.7 seconds. (responsive web design, web typography, performance optimization)
  • Njuškalo Classifieds
    A Major Classifieds Company
    20% increase in pageviews post responsive re-design launch having streamlined core flows and tasks for mobile devices. (usability evaluation, user research, user experience design, user interface design, responsive web design)
  • Development Agency Zagreb
    A Government Agency
    48% increase in visits including a reduction in customer support enquiries submitted achieved by introducing more assistive content types, and optimizing existing content. (usability evaluation, user research, user experience design, information architecture, user interface design, responsive web design)
  • Croatian Telekom
    A Telecoms Company
    Corporate responsive re-design completed in two months. Followed by a revamp of the core e-commerce platform (circa three million user accounts) that saw us streamline navigation, product pages and checkout flows resulting in a 200% increase in online purchases. The accompanying self-care portal placed the company in the leading position among other NatCos. (usability evaluation, user research, user experience design, information architecture, user interface design, web typography, responsive web design)
  • InTech
    A Multidisciplinary Publisher
    50% rise in pageviews for one of the world’s largest open access publishers. (information architecture, user interface design, web typography)

Startup projects

  • Golden Olive Oil
    A Luxury Product
    Creative Labs' Golden Olive Oil, awarded Best Exclusive Product at the Harrods Food Supplier Conference 2013 in London. (concept, website design and development)
  • SocialBrando
    An Advertising Platform
    The Social Media Analytics startup and their advanced campaign management and advertising platform acquired by SocialBakers in 2012. (web application design and development)
  • Gadgeterija
    A Technoblog
    Croatia’s no. 1 technoblog acquired by Tportal.hr in 2012. (branding, website design and development)
  • Tulumarka
    A Social Network
    The first Croatian social network acquired by Kreativni Projekti in 2007. (branding, concept, copywriting, website design and development)

Working with us

We explain our processes and reasoning throughout so you and your internal team(s) fully understand the rationale behind our recommendations and how to implement them for success. By working closely with you, our goal is to ensure that going forward you're able to become fully sustainable, capable of making even more informed decisions with regards to your online business and customers. Here is what our clients are saying…


  • Meir Amzalag

    CEO, PayPro Global

    Unlike other studios we had worked with in the past, I really liked how we also learnt the reasoning behind each design decision, as they took the time to really explain everything. Creative Nights didn’t just improve our product, they improved our whole team too, leaving us in a better position to improve the product in future under our own direction and guidance.

  • Charles Eakes

    President, Avolead LLC

    Creative Nights rigorously bring high tech/soft touch expertise to AvoLead LLC on every design challenge. They are like tango dancers — we lean into them chest to chest, head to head, and they deftly guide and lead pushing back and following. If you need the best creativity and world class execution, get in the queue, now.

  • Mario Frančešević

    Founder, Seek and Hit, Co-founder, Social Brando

    We had an opportunity to work with Creative Nights more than once and we’ve always loved the energy, suggestions and creativity they throw at you along the way. They are a Swiss army knife in the world of UX design.

  • Frane Šesnić

    CEO, Development Agency Zagreb

    After working with Creative Nights we were able to improve our communication towards customers and present complex concepts more simply and succinctly.

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