User interface studio.

User interface specialists

Creative Nights is a design consultancy specialized in planning, designing and building multi-platform digital interfaces that meet both business goals and users’ needs.

international clients

If you have a passion to create something special for your customers or business partners, we are likely a good match regardless of your company size or location. Our international client list include:

  • Deutsche Telekom AG
    Bonn, Germany
  • PayPro Global, Inc.
    Ontario, Canada
  • Hrvatski Telekom d.d.
    ex T-Com + T-Mobile Croatia
  • Razvojna agencija Zagreb d.o.o.
    Zagreb, Croatia
  • Croatian Designers Society
    Zagreb, Croatia
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Njuškalo d.o.o.
    Zagreb, Croatia
  • Podravka d.d.
    Koprivnica, Croatia
  • AvoLead LLC
    Durham, NC, USA
  • WTFjeans
    Strasbourg, France
  • 2ML Pharmacare
    Craigavon, N. Ireland
  • The Mother and Child
    Health and Education

    Hong Kong, China